"59 Apples"

An Exhibition of Still Life Paintings 2006

You may ask, 'Why apples?' And the answer is simply, 'Why not apples?

To me, the subject matter itself is not that important - its role is to be a consistent vehicle for a continuing exploration of colour, shape, light and dark, balance and form. Margaret Olley, Australias pre-eminent still life painter, said:

"If you give ten people five apples each, they will all put them down differently."

In some ways this encapsulates my feelings about these paintings. They are, by definition, uniquely and individually my vision. That is their simplicity, their strength and their identity.

My paintings are celebrations of the simple beauty of everyday objects. Margaret Olley, again:

".its not fashionable these days to celebrate life. But I suppose thats what I do. Theres no terrible message in it! I have an absolute obsession to paint. I go to bed and cant wait to wake up and be painting again."

I hope you enjoy the celebration.